What Are Infauxgraphics?

Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They are incredibly popular in social media, because they work. Here are some of the favorite infographics of Fast Company magazine. And there are, of course, infographics about infographics – even interactive ones.
But what turns an infographic into an infauxgraphic? If it’s ugly, silly, misguided, or misleading.

And, some infauxgraphics are just really ugly.

Sports And Analytics: Sprint To Value And Insight

So far in the series, I have charted a course for creating value in the sports and entertainment industry through analytics. I have advocated a holistic approach to paint the full picture that goes beyond the basic game-day stats, and I have underscored the important role that fan engagement plays in shaping thefan experience.

And finally, in my last post, I touched on the design thinking methodology as a framework to embark on this journey, including the power of proof of plays that can leverage the philosophy of “Fail early and often” to design better solutions. If I were able to pique your curiosity and get you excited enough that you started asking questions, the next logical piece in this puzzle would involve the crucial step of making it happen.

It Takes More Than Accuracy

In manufacturing there is a constant flux of change based on outside factors. These factors may affect the ability to purchase raw materials, schedule manufacturing activities or even workforce availability, to name a few. Capturing data based on these situations can be difficult. Today, collaborative note fields within a BI tool, the organization of unstructured data and the addition of outside and readily available intelligence provides the analyst guidance in her goal to make a decision.

Ten Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Security

Do you have all three layers of mobile BI security covered: device, app, and data? All of the convenience and benefits of mobile devices provide a particular security risk, complicating matters for the technology managers. When we think about the three layers of security in mobile BI, each layer plays an equally important role. Moreover, each layer represents a specific component of a user’s access profile. Therefore, it’s vital not only to understand how each layer completes the security picture, but also to make sure they work in tandem.

What Is Design Thinking?

Today’s organizations face multifaceted problems that are part of increasingly complex business models. Continued expansion of global transactions, supported by partnerships that can span large ecosystems, create both unique opportunities and unique challenges for businesses.

These challenges demand multidimensional solutions and require going beyond basic applications of current products and services. This is where design thinking comes into play. By applying this framework, organizations can not only address everyday business problems and challenges but also gain a competitive edge.

7 Definitions of Big Data You Should Know About

Faced with the ongoing confusion over the term ‘Big Data,’ here’s a handy – and somewhat cynical – guide to some of the key definitions that you might see out there.

The first thing to note is that – despite what Wikipedia says – everybody in the industry generally agrees that Big Data isn’t just about having more data (since that’s just inevitable, and boring).

Sports And Analytics: Insight Through Mobile Dashboards

When it comes to sports and analytics, I see two main slices of the pie: the game where it all happens and the operation that supports the organization. There is a lot written about the former; however, the latter may be overlooked because of its distance from where the action takes place.

Sure, winning the championship may make up for all other business decisions, but as I wrote in my post Fan Experience Matters, at the end of a long season, only one team gets to go home with the trophy. Therefore, I subscribe to the notion that operational excellence is as critical to the execution of the sports organization’s strategy as any game-winning move.

Sports And Analytics: Fan Experience Matters

Let’s get something out of the way: Nothing replaces the thrill of a championship. It is the measurement that counts most in sports. But the reality is that there are, for example, 3 2teams in the NFL. And that means each year, 31 teams and their fans go home empty handed. In the absence of a championship, the fan experience is the ultimate measure of success against which a sports organization is held.

The Ethics of Big Data: Vendors Should Take A Stand

We can now gather, correlate, and analyze information in ways that were unthinkable in the past. The book “The Human Face of Big Data” does a particularly good job of rounding up some of the most interesting stories of how these technologies will touch our lives.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Analytics is a very powerful weapon, and weapons can be abused.

The past clearly shows that without proper controls, there can be irresistible temptations for companies and governments to combine data in ways that threaten personal liberties. Misuse of every previous data gathering technology has eventually come to light, sometimes only decades after the facts, leading to new laws re-establishing privacy limits.

Ten Mobile BI Strategy Questions: Executive Sponsorship

Of the ten mobile business intelligence (BI) questions I outlined in my last post, “Do we have an executive sponsor?” is the most important one because the success of a mobile BI journey depends on it more than any other. While the role of an executive sponsor is critical in all tech projects, several aspects of mobile BI technology make it easy for executive management to be involved closely and play a unique role. Moreover, although the CIO or the CTO plays a critical role in making sure the right technology is acquired or developed, the executive sponsorship from the business side provides the right level of partnership in order to run on all three cylinders of BI: insight into right data for the right role and at the right time.