Political Parties and U.S. House — Who Needs Data Visualization? (#5)

This tiny table tells a powerful story: in the fifteen presidential election years, the incumbent president’s party shows an average gain

7 Interesting Big Data and Analytics Trends for 2015

Arthur C. Clark famously said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Combatting Data Puddles

Since the dawn of analytics organizations have struggled…

Data Visualization and the U.S. House - A New Approach #4

As I suggested in the last post, let’s try using a table instead of a graph to see how House of Representatives election results correlate with the incumbent president’s party

What is HTAP?

HTAP stands for Hybrid Transaction / Analytical Processing — and it’s the future of business applications. The term was coined in early 2014 by analyst firm Gartner to describe a new generation of in-memory data platforms that can perform both online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) without requiring data duplication. For the…

From Data Lakes To Data Swamps

Data lakes may be overhyped, but they clearly represent a new opportunity for enterprise analytics. The danger is that: “By its definition, a data lake accepts any data, without oversight or governance. Without descriptive metadata and a mechanism to maintain it, the data lake risks turning into a data swamp.” Some proponents of data lakes…