Cartoon: What Chance Does Data Have?

What chance does data have when faced with strong opinions?!

Why ARE Those College Wait Lists So Long?

In the April 20 Washington Post, Jay Mathews writes about the dramatic increase in the length of college acceptance wait lists. His focus is on the strategies wait-listed high school seniors might pursue, but let’s consider just why those wait lists are so long.

The Fan Experience Matters: Analyzing the Formula

Winning is the only measurement that counts most in sports, but what if your team does not win the championship? That is a guaranteed outcome for all but one team in each league every season.

Some teams suffer from decade-long droughts. In the absence of a championship, fan experience is the ultimate measure of success.

No magic prescription can prevent all losses or disappointments, but the basic formula to deliver a world-class fan experience almost always starts with decisions born out of data.

Cartoon: The Business Benefit of In-Memory Processing

Here’s the real business benefit of in-memory processing.

What You Need to Know About Cloud Analytics

If you are an analytics professional, then cloud analytics is in your future — if you’re not already doing it.

I’ve talked to lots of companies that claim that cloud analytics isn’t for them. But they’re wrong, not least because their marketing department is almost certainly already using some form of cloud analytics today (to track ads or social sentiment).

What will tip people towards using more cloud analytics?

Why Don’t We Measure BI Performance?

BI professionals spend a significant portion of their time trying to instill the discipline of data-driven performance management into their business partners. However, isn’t there something wrong with teaching someone else to fly when you’re still learning to walk?

Top Trends in Cloud Innovation

The number of users is the most trusted currency in the cloud. You know that if people pay for a service, then it’s providing something of value. And it gives you an opportunity to understand how people are using the software, see trends, gather benchmark information and turn this into advice and best practices in cloud solutions. This is something we’ve already done with our cloud solutions, and we have created innovative service offerings around best-practice co-innovated with customers and partners, such as social selling, collaborative onboarding, and learning.

5 Must-Have Mobile BI Features

The use of mobile business intelligence (BI) as a framework to enable faster, better-informed decision making continues to expand as the technology advances and more users become mobile ready. Whether you’re planning a project for a business app or developing a strategy, it’s critical to gauge your mobile BI app’s readiness for a complete mobile user experience.

Here are five must-have features that are critical to delivering a complete mobile BI experience.