Interview: Big Data Trends

What are some of the key database trends?

First, the movement to in-memory platforms, as evidenced by everybody trying to catch up with SAP HANA. IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft are all adding in-memory options on top of their existing databases.


Predictive? It’s the Future

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to realize that predictive analytics is the future…











By Timo Elliott, from:

The Fan Experience Matters: Overview

The desire to deliver a world-class fan experience may not be found in data, but a world-class fan experience almost always starts with decisions born out of data.

There are two schools of thought in sports and entertainment. One holds that winning rids all sins. This may be true to a degree. Winning is one measurement that counts most insports. The other says that fan experience is the ultimate measure of success, especially in the absence of a championship.

Fan experience matters because it is the fire that ignites fan engagement!

But what does “fan experience” really mean?

DQ-BE: How to Get Sesame Street’s Description Wrong

            This example of poor data quality was tweeted by @_youhadonejob and thankfully re-tweeted by @daraghobrien using the #dataquality and #iqtrainwreck hashtags. Sesame Street is a children’s television series that celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009 and is known for its educational content communicated through the use of Jim Henson’s Muppets, animation, short…

Mobile BI Design Framework: Real Estate

Just as the saying goes “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location,” the screen on a mobile device is the most valuable design property. The limited amount of space still remains as one of the biggest challenges in designing for mobile devices. Maximizing the user interface for both consumption and interaction is critical to the design of an effective mobile business intelligence (BI) asset.

Here are several pointers that will help you make the best use of this valuable mobile property.

Timeliness is the Most Important Data Quality Dimension

In his book The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive, Brian Christian explained that “the first branch of computer science was what’s come to be known as computability theory, which doesn’t care how long a computation would take, only whether it’s possible or not. Take a millisecond or take a millennium, it’s all the same to computability theory.” However, as Christian also noted, “computer scientists refer to certain problems as intractable – meaning the correct answer can be computed, but not quickly enough to be of use.”

Everyday BI: Introduction

Business intelligence (BI) is everywhere. It’s more accessible. It’s mobile. It’s in the cloud. It runs in real time. It’s part of “Big Data” and small data. Simply put, BI surfaces, in one shape or another, in a tangled, twisted, and integrated way everywhere in our everyday lives. In this new series, I want to take a…

Sports and Analytics: Vision for Tomorrow

Imagine traveling back in time to attend a major sports event in the early 20th Century. The game-day broadcast may be available, but only on the radio. You may be able to buy hot dogs, but there are no fancy drinks or snacks. Forget about large-screen monitors or billboards. And the only thing that fans bring to the game is themselves—no smartphones, and no tweeting.

Now, contrast that image against the world of sports today. The comparisons are amazing, and they remind me of how computer systems no more powerful than a pocket calculator were able to guide astronauts in theApollo mission to the moon.