Slideshow: Top 5 Roadblocks to Using a Data Platform

Organizations are increasingly looking to simplify their data architecture and decrease the time to value from data. But there are a number of challenges in selecting the right data management platform to manage multiple data streams. Here are the top 5 roadblocks.

From: http://www.information-management.com/gallery/top-5-roadblocks-to-using-a-data-platform-10029991-1.html?utm_campaign=daily-oct%2013%202016&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&ET=informationmgmt:e7859277:2047253a:&st=email&eid=8e5f5423e859a64488540fc441962c81

5 Practical Ways Predictive Analytics Can Support It

With the proper analytical foundation, organizations now have the information needed to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and drive key enterprise changes. Perhaps benefitting the most from big data is IT. Here are five practical uses for predictive analytics.

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