Execution Management (and the Vital Role of FP&A)

Deciding to do something, and actually doing it, are two different things. Execution management is about closing the gap between deciding and doing; between talk and action. We’ll get into more of the mechanics later, but from a process perspective Execution Management integrates business planning with project management, reporting, and pay-for-performance. In a nutshell, it tightly integrates every aspect of the Plan-to-Perform cycle.


Gartner Gathering: How to leverage machine learning and bots

At a recent event in Grapevine, TX two of the top analysts from Gartner, Inc. (Kurt Schlegel and Debra Logan) gave a keynote address on Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. These three disciplines, once separate, are now converging to deliver remarkable efficiency gains, but equally remarkable insight and business value.


Quantifying Entertainment

In the minds of industry executives, there’s no doubt that big data can be a powerful resource for predicting what content will succeed, and even for creating new content that has the attributes for success baked in. But all companies involved in making, selling, and promoting movie and TV content face a similar conundrum as they seek to combine new sources of data with primary research: how to harvest the unprecedented volume and richness of consumer data while separating out the noise, and how to use the insights to make content more compelling, reach desired audiences, and ultimately contribute to profitability?

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