Rocking Data Quality: Imagining the Future of Data Quality

Rockin’ data quality.Imagine there’s no defects
It’s easy if you try
No data cleansing beneath us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the data
Living with quality

Rocking Data Quality. Bringing Sexy Back.

Rockin’ data quality.

Dirty data – you see the problems everywhere

Let me be your data cleanser, and baby, I’ll be there

We’ll whip the Business Process if it misbehaves

But just remember – trying to be perfect – it’s not the way

Mobile BI Design Framework: Design Thinking

When we design for mobile business intelligence (BI), we need to apply the mobile mindset to all facets of user interactions, not just what we do when we are online but also what we do offline. In my first blog of the series, I discussed the importance of embracing a mobile design philosophy that will be unique to each of us and the environments we work in.

This is important because our design philosophy will be the guiding light when best practices alone may not be enough to help us navigate in uncharted waters.

Mobile BI Design Framework: Introduction

Successful mobile business intelligence (BI) solutions demand a mobile mindset. When we design for mobile BI, we aren’t just building a report or a dashboard. We’re designing to deliver a superior mobile user experience each and every time. This means we need to consider all facets of user interactions and take a holistic approach when dealing with all aspects of the “mobile user life cycle”. This life cycle starts before installation and does not end after the mobile asset is downloaded and consumed.

Bigger Data? Or Better Models? Or…?

If you work in the analytics world, you’ve probably either read or at least heard of the seminal book “Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think,” published earlier this year. Authors Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier’s provocative point of departure is that the new data norm of N=all and a tolerance…

Rocking Data Quality: Data Rock Stars…The Rolling Forecasts

Rockin’ data quality.I saw her looking for business direction
A document of requirements in her hand
I knew she would find a database connection
And search for the business value they demand

No, you can’t always get the data you want
You can’t always get the data you want
You can’t always get the data you want
But if you try sometimes, you might find
You get the insight you need

Top Ten Signs Your Users Are Mobile Ready

Whether you’re planning a project for a mobile business app or developing a mobile business intelligence (BI) strategy, it’s critical to gauge your users’ overall mobile readiness. Even though sales of mobile devices continue to increase, some mobile users show chronic use of PC-era habits.

Yes, the mobile savvy Millennial Generation is taking the workforce by storm, but they don’t necessarily represent the largest portion of business users. Mobile-ready users, on the other hand, will display at least some of the following characteristics.

Rocking Data Quality: New Time Human Business

The song “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger was perhaps immortalized by that famous scene in the film Risky Business, which has itself become immortalized by its many parodies including the television commercials for the video game Guitar Hero. As I recently blogged about in my post The Great Rift, the real risky business in the new economy of the…

BI Does Not Guarantee Better Decisions, Only Better-Informed Decisions

What does it mean when we say “faster” decision making? And why do we say “better-informed” decisions instead of “better decisions?”

Putting aside the semantic differences and nuances of meaning, these two concepts play a significant role in delivering BI solutions that can address both the urgency needed by business and the agility required by IT. Moreover, exploring these concepts–regardless of your interpretation—will further facilitate better engagements and result in tangible outcomes that can benefit the entire organization, both in the short term and in the long run.

Rocking Data Quality: Council Data Governance

Rockin’ data quality.Inspired by the great Eagles song Hotel California, this DQ-Song “sings” about the common mistake of convening a council too early when starting a new data governance program. Now, of course, data governance is a very important and serious subject, which is why some people might question whether or not music is the best way to discuss data governance.

Although I understand that skepticism, I can’t help but recall the words of Frank Zappa:

“Information is not knowledge;

Knowledge is not wisdom;

Wisdom is not truth;

Truth is not beauty;

Beauty is not love;

Love is not music;

Music is the best.”