Mobile BI Design Framework: The Use of Colors

In mobile business intelligence (BI) design, the use of colors plays an important role because colors are some of the easier components to incorporate into ourmobile assets. However, this ease of use often leads to misuse and, subsequently, ineffective design of our mobile solutions. I often find that the oversight happens not because we lack the knowledge or…

Driving Third Wave Businesses: Ensuring Your Business Has The Right To Win

In a recent interview, Toffler said that, “given the acceleration of change; companies, individuals, and governments base many of their daily decisions on obsoledge—knowledge whose shelf life has expired.”

Mobile BI Design Framework: Impact and Utility

In mobile business intelligence (BI) design, two elements are always in play. I refer to them as “utility” (not to be confused with utility in economics) and “impact.” At the micro level, they influence directly how we develop our mobile assets (reports, dashboards) in order to effectively deliver actionable insight through the mobile user interface and experience. At the macro level, they influence how we designand execute our mobile BI strategy.

What Makes a Great Mobile Impression

Think about one of your favorite apps for personal or business use (excluding games). What part or functionality leaves a lasting impression with you and/or makes you want to come back and use it again and again? What are some of the techniques that the designers of that mobile app used to draw you in? Was it simplicity, performance, the smart use of graphics, or maybe something else that you haven’t seen before?

A Spark for Analytics

A couple of months ago, one of my partners sent me a link to an interesting blog post by Cloudera Board Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Olson. Olson’s article had to do with the emergence of Apache Spark as the preferred analytics development platform for Hadoop.

Local Governments Going Mobile

Adaptation of mobile technology to distribute information and collect citizen feedback is a well-documented trend for state and local government in the last several years. Based on mobile industry reports, such as Rachael King in the CIO Journal who recently said, “The breadth of mobile usage is soaring,” and based on government agency future spending plans, the trend will likely continue for the next several years.