4 Steps to Building Data Science & Analytics Teams

Companies that have “data scientist” roles in their organizations are far more likely to succeed with…

Puzzles, Mysteries, and Big Data

To solve a puzzle, we just keep collecting data, and eventually the right pieces will fall into place. But to solve a mystery, the right strategy may be to stop collecting more data.

Transparency and the Information Arms Race

You are going to be spending proportionately more of your IT budget on security than you have previously spent or ever wanted to spend. Why? Because you and everyone else on this planet

Competing on Analytics: A Follow Up to Thomas H. Davenport’s Post in HBR

If you ask a CIO today about the importance of data to their enterprises, they will likely tell you about the need to “compete on analytics” and to enable faster business decisions.

How To Be Strategic With Your Mobility Approach

Just as we know that mobile isn’t just about one or two sexy apps, the ability to check email or browse the web on a mobile device isn’t synonymous with mobility alone.