How is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Similar to Football?

I was a two-year varsity football letterman playing a defense linebacker at Cornell University. I relate my experiences on the field to experiences on the job. The professional and college football championships will conclude with the number one team at the end of the season. That team will have demonstrated determination, perseverance, and grit to win. It is not much different with organizations striving to improve their performance. They have no “could’ve” or “should’ve” in their vocabulary; instead, they focus on “must have.”

It’s the Customer, Stupid

EPM Channel recently interviewed Janne Ohtonen about focusing on the customer when doing process improvement. Janne Ohtonen is a Business Process and Customer Experience Management trainer, consultant, speaker, expert & coach with over ten years of international experience.

Find out his thoughts on customer experience, tolerating failure (!), the importance of goals and metrics.

How to Commit to a Goal

Here’s a brief story about why we all sometimes get distracted from the most important goals in our lives. Perhaps you recognise it?

You are thinking about changing your job because your boss is a pain and you’re stagnating. As the weeks pass you think about how good it would feel to work for an organisation that really valued you. You think this might be a good goal to commit to but…

Getting Big Projects Done: Balancing Task-Focus with Goal-Focus

Successfully completing large, complex projects can bring great commercial, scientific or artistic rewards. Unfortunately these types of projects, by their very nature, also provide endless opportunities to falter along the way.

Early hiccups can send motivation into a tailspin, doubts cloud good judgement and the wood is lost for all the trees. There are so many reasons to jack it all in or do a bad job, and we need only choose one. That’s why any insight from psychology is welcome.

How do you get team members to learn how to divide their attention between task- and goal-focus?

The Dark Side of Goal-Setting

How many of you are sick of discussing the importance of setting goals?

Goal-setting has become a personal, corporate and political fetish. Modern workers are frequently subjected to performance reviews in which they must set themselves goals to work towards. The fact that these targets are frequently idiotic or meaningless seems to be irrelevant.

There are, however, some good ways to set goals and align them with your personal strategy.

10 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Goals; Or, What I Learned From Writing A Really Crappy Novel

I hit a big goal of mine – finally – just before 2011 ended. I finished writing the novel I began five or so years ago. When I say finished, however, what I mean is that the very first, very rough draft is complete, ringing in at just under 80,000 words.

Know how that novel got written? One single, small word at a time, with lots of mistakes along the way. I learned what not to do, and through that, I learned what works.