Strategy Execution Kaizen

Soccer, the world’s most popular game, is a lot like the world of strategy execution: it’s a complex game where the future possibilities are endless. Proficiency depends not only upon your team’s knowledge and skills, but also on your ability to read the field, make quick decisions and communicate with your teammates.

Do You Have the Right Mobile Mindset

Mobile has become a key ingredient in the integration of business and technology. If designed and delivered effectively, it provides unparalleled convenience, speed, and ease of use. However, having the right mobile mindset is a prerequisite if you’re going to drive growth and profitability through the use of mobile solutions.

In its simplest and purest form, I define it this way:

Leadership Starts With One

Great leaders have inspired millions of people throughout history. Likewise, today’s greatbusiness leaders at all levels motivate employees to transform their enterprises and help them reach new heights of accomplishment. They instill confidence that enables their followers to achieve what others might consider impossible.

Shoddy or Integrity?

Ancient Romans used integritas to describe pottery. Saying a ceramic piece had integritas meant the quality that appeared on the outside existed throughout the entire piece. There were no hidden weaknesses or imperfections covered by an attractive glaze. A vessel with integritas will hold up under stress.

5 Steps for Successful Training

Unfortunately there’s something that organisations around the world have in common: most of their staff training programs leave a lot to be desired.

That might sound harsh, but it baffles me that so many companies (often with impressive products, processes, services or systems) fail when it comes to corporate training.

It’s a shame –after all there’s no doubt that a well designed and structured training program is essential for organisations to improve performance through its people.

Double Your Money In 7 Days Or Less!

Powerful pressures lure the most sincere project teams into over-valuing the projects they have been working on a long time. A simple question can alert leaders the numbers are unreliable.

You are the leader of a large organization and in front of you lies a proposal for a new IT project. You normally hate IT projects. They are usually are laden with incomprehensible acronyms & jargon and it is difficult enough trying to understand the problem they are describing let alone the solution. In this case, however, the team has done a smashing job: They have used plain English, all the right experts were involved, and the team achieved consensus for this recommendation. Best of all, the financials projected a credible and respectable 20% Return On Investment.

Now let me tap you on the shoulder and burst your bubble:

When Brains Are Not Enough

Even high intelligence and experience do not instinctively produce the BEST solutions.

Smarts and experience. Who could ask for anything more when assembling a project team?

How then do we explain the 70% to 80% failure rate on acquisitions? Don’t organizations assemble their A-team for acquisitions? Don’t they engage investment bankers– firms that hire the cream of MBAs from the top schools?