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February 17, 2012 9:46 am

How to Build Long-Term Shareholder Value

February 16, 2012 2:42 pm

PACE Model for Cash Flow

February 9, 2012 3:23 pm

BI among top IT priorities in 2012

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  • Biz Intelligence EPM Management Marketing and Sales Analytics What Makes a Good Marketing Operations Employee?

    What Makes a Good Marketing Operations Employee?

    Marketing’s focus on measurement and ROI is challenging CMOs to hire employees into the emerging discipline of marketing operations who have skills and experience that have not been in the traditional domain of marketers. These attributes include technical savvy and systems-thinking skills, as well as a diverse blend of cross-disciplinary expertise and management skills.

    What are some key attributes to look for in a marketing operations team member?

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  • accounting Economy Finance Green Risk Management Progress Towards Integrated Financial and Sustainability Reporting

    Progress Towards Integrated Financial and Sustainability Reporting

    While over 2000 organizations already have registered sustainability reports with the Global Reporting Initiative(GRI), and more than 3000 organizations have submitted their environmental information to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), investors are pushing for more consistency and global standards in environmental and sustainability reporting and standards are being defined for integrating sustainability reporting with financial reporting.

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  • EPM Finance Marketing and Sales Analytics What A Dead Squirrel Taught Me About Premium Pricing

    What A Dead Squirrel Taught Me About Premium Pricing

    Many companies worry about the commoditization of their offerings and their inability to justify premium pricing-but if you figure out how to take care of your customers’ “dead squirrels,” you’re golden.

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  • Biz Intelligence EPM Featured Marketing and Sales Analytics Social Business Transformation

    Social Business Transformation

    Rapid changes in consumer behavior, fuelled by the ever increasing popularity of social media and the adoption of consumer technologies in the workplace, urge companies worldwide to rethink their positions. People spend more and more time online to connect and interact with friends, to publish opinions, and to purchase goods and services. Employees share their views online, strengthening or weakening the corporate brand.

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  • accounting EPM Finance Risk Management Strategy Tech Financial Risk Systems — So Nineties. Why Are They Back?

    Financial Risk Systems — So Nineties. Why Are They Back?

    …some firms have found that tactical approaches — doing just enough to meet the reporting requirements — have not been sufficient for increasing regulatory demands or the needs of internal business users.

    Apparently risk wasn’t entirely solved during the 1980s and 1990s when big systems went into banks from Algorithmics, SunGard and other major players. SAS recently ranked in the upper right quad of a Chartis report on risk systems, along with Algorithmics, now part of IBM; Moody’s analytics; SunGard and Oracle.

    An Austrian bank took the tactical approach to create reports from existing infrastructure, Rogers said by way of example.

    “But tactical can mean not necessarily considering all the elements you need. You meet the reporting for your regulator, but you don’t have the long term infrastructure to extend those reports to areas you really want to work on for stress tests, capital planning or overall risk management reporting.”

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  • accounting EPM Featured Finance Management Tech What CFOs Need to Know About the Cloud

    What CFOs Need to Know About the Cloud

    “The Cloud” has become one of the hottest buzz topics in the industry this year, and what started out as a topic mostly of interest to IT executives is quickly moving to the radar screen of CFOs and Finance Executives.

    Some of the advantages of cloud-based applications include improved time to value, reduced up-front costs, leveraging 3rd party skill sets and having a scalable environment to support future growth. Some of the considerations and risks include security, performance, integration of cloud-based applications with on-premise systems and long-term costs of ownership.

    Find out more here.

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  • EPM Management Strategy 3 (Incredibly Simple) Questions The Most Successful People Use To Change The World

    3 (Incredibly Simple) Questions The Most Successful People Use To Change The World

    I’ve heard it said that the most brilliant business ideas are often the simplest. From my experience, it’s true. In fact, when I am fortunate enough to receive sage advice from a famously gifted person, I’ll often ask myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So here I humbly share with you a winning formula that I see leaders use again and again and again…to change the world. Use this formula the next time you feel stuck—whether you are trying [...]

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  • EPM FYI How Creative Is Your Team?

    How Creative Is Your Team?

    Are you creative? Try this simple test…

    The well-known known illusion above can be seen in two ways: as both a duck and a rabbit. Which do you see first? And if you see one, can you also see the other?

    Most people see the duck first and can flip between the two representations, but the question is: how easy is it for you to flip between them? Does it require real mental strain, or can you do it at will?

    Wiseman et al. (2011) had a hunch that the ability to flip between representations is related to creativity.

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