EPM View: An Interview with John O’Rourke, Vice President of Product Marketing, Oracle Corporation

John O’Rourke, one of the most seasoned veterans of the EPM industry, offers his perspective in this candid interview with Susan Serven. John shares his views on the future of EPM, the merger of Hyperion and Oracle, the most common misconceptions of EPM, his advice for a company just starting to consider implementing a performance management system, why Balanced Scorecard may have fallen out of favor, and many other insights.


Finance 360 Degree Insight Survey

EPM Channel recently completed a 360 degree survey of the Finance function in both large- and mid-sized companies, with 40% of the respondents coming from marketing, operations, and other non-finance fields. This 360 degree view enabled analysts who worked on the survey to compare the responses of both finance and non-finance professionals in order to…


The Rise of the Project Economy

Whether it is outsourcing a function, engaging a consultant or consulting firm, chopping up work into small projects or using freelancers, retired employees and even crowd sourcing, companies just don’t need as many employees as they did 5 years ago. The new workforce model in business today includes a percentage of the workforce comprised of consultants, contractors and freelancers. Many companies consider as much as half of their workforce as “non-employees.”

Is this movement a fad? - or a true structural shift?