CPM Whack-a-Mole

There is a game that used to be popular in arcades called “Whack-a-mole”. The game was pretty simple in concept, you have an enormous (soft) hammer, and there are 7 or 8 moles (small rodents) that popped up one at a time and you had to hit them. As you hit one, another popped up. So you never actually solved your fake rodent problem - as soon as you solved the one, another popped up.

The CPA for Small Business: Proactive, Responsive, and Helps Paint a Beautiful Picture

I recently read an article on AccountingWeb, written by Doug Sleeter and describing the findings of a published report titled What SMBs Want from Their CPA. The report is a summary of results from an annual study conducted by The Sleeter Group, and is intended to help accounting professionals understand the factors in the market which influence business use of professional accounting services. While adoption and use of technology was not named as the top item on the list, capabilities which can be rendered only if such adoption occurs were. In short, it’s not the technology that clients demand, but the level of service that professionals can only deliver by embracing advancements in technology and applying them to the client engagement.

Why Accounting in the Cloud?

Business owners and managers need to keep close control of their financial data.  They need to know where they stand at all times, and having information available to make business decisions is essential.  When the financial information is in the office but the owner isn’t, how can wise decisions be made without access to supporting…

How Can Advanced Financial Management Systems Make You A More Strategic CFO

For decades, financial managers have pieced together and manipulated spreadsheets in order to report on past data and maintain the financial integrity of their businesses. Sure, if they had time, they could use these primitive tools to attempt to identify trends and offer insights. But this effort was ridden with information silos, dirty data and outdated numbers.

Fortunately, times are changing.