What if Golfers Used GAAP to Keep Their Scores?

“What if golfers used something like GAAP to keep their scores?”. As all great humor is based on reality, this is a funny way of pointing out some of the weaknesses in US GAAP. It’s main contention is that GAAP reporting doesn’t provide the real information that investors need to truly reflect the value of a company, a view that many would agree with.

Following the Rules: Users and Licensing for Hosted QuickBooks

…This is when the “if you don’t tell us” stuff comes in – where the service provider may suggest to the accountant or outsourcer that they can simply login as the client and nobody would be the wiser. I’ll fess up and say I have even entertained this idea with clients a few times but always shy away from discussing it in-depth. While it is basically true that the service provider doesn’t generally know which exact human being is sitting at the other end of that remote desktop connection, that doesn’t mean that it is okay to leverage it into an abuse of services or licensing.

Disrupting Finance. We Don’t Often Use the Word “Transformation,” But…

According to a recent article in the July 2014 issue of CFO magazine, CEB Managing Director Eisha Armstrong noted, “Finance transformation shouldn’t be a project; it should be the way of doing finance.”