A Common Analytic Fail

Why did I pick on this post? Because it illustrates in a small way what I often see in organizations: some data is collected, some analysis is done, and conclusions are blithely drawn that simply can’t be inferred from the data. In many ways it’s worse than just guessing, because the participants may set off in the wrong direction with excessive confidence

10 Phrases That Kill Big Data Projects

What are the 10 dangerous phrases and mindsets that CIOs need to refute? You’re about to find out.

Political Parties and U.S. House — Who Needs Data Visualization? (#5)

This tiny table tells a powerful story: in the fifteen presidential election years, the incumbent president’s party shows an average gain

Combatting Data Puddles

Since the dawn of analytics organizations have struggled…

Data Visualization and the U.S. House - A New Approach #4

As I suggested in the last post, let’s try using a table instead of a graph to see how House of Representatives election results correlate with the incumbent president’s party