Employee Engagement – Don’t Make the Wrong Assumptions

So you selected a vendor and conducted an employee engagement study. You even compared the results to the global benchmark and presented the findings to your CEO and his team.

They were all concerned and reiterated the importance of this program and how critical the well-being of employees is to the future of the organization.

The data was shared with all managers, and guidelines as to how to address the gaps were distributed promptly.

And here you are a year later and nothing changed. Nothing significant, at least. Your CEO is not happy and you are about to venture down the same road again.

Well, stop for a moment.

Ask yourself, what went wrong the first time? Even your employee engagement survey company confirmed you were doing all the right things, so why didn’t the needle move?

10 Steps to Customer Feedback and Dialogue Excellence – Are You Looking at the Past, or the Future?

A cornerstone of the customer experience revolution, organizations around the world are increasing their investment in soliciting customer feedback. Yet there’s one dirty little secret no one wants to talk about: response rate. Most customers ignore or refuse to respond to all the requests for feedback they get. To best understand this dirty little issue,…

How To Destroy A Legendary Brand Through Awful Customer Experience - The Legendary Luxury Hotel in NYC Story

If you are looking for the CliffNotes version of this story it is quite simple – lean on your great heritage and cut costs at your guests’ expense.

The hotel’s advertising was very clear: “Each one, the greatest of them all.” You cannot create higher expectations than that. And with those expectations I booked a long awaited 4-day vacation at this luxury New York City legend. At $600 a night I could have gone to any luxury hotel in New York City. I chose this hotel. After all it’s the greatest of them all.

The reality I faced was by far different and the great expectation eventually evolved into an even greater disappointment.

Customer Journey Mapping – Doing It Right

How is it that great intentions of customer experience professionals oftentimes dwindle to little action or impact? Is there something wrong with the customer journey mapping methodology? Was the final map not detailed enough? Did we miss something? These factors might have made a small impact, but the real reason for the little impact has to do with the intention.

Effective Ways to Create a Cynical Culture

Cynicism requires a great deal of negligence to emerge in organizations. For a cynical culture to be created, it only takes one employee to start following the proven rules that will ensure Cynicism will spread into the hearts and minds of each and every employee.

Unlike other corporate initiatives, cynicism does not require sponsorship from top executives. It does not require consensus and acceptance by all. All it takes are a few woeful leaders who will neglect their role, fail to engage employees and cynicism, and who will quickly become an essential host citizen in your corporate hallways to spread the epidemic.

Here are three ways to start spreading Cynicism:

The Guiding Assumption

Your guiding assumption—what you really think about your customers—can be the biggest obstacle (or catalyst) to your success. In an era when customers are scrutinizing every move you make, you can not afford to assume that they are all not trustworthy.

Trust your customers. And if you don’t, find new customers you can. Running a business and establishing a relationship on the conviction that everyone around you is out to get you is not a recipe for business (or personal) success.

Did I Believe Criss Angel? Lessons in Experience Design

The Criss Angel Show “Believe” at the Luxur hotel in Las Vegas was true to what Las Vegas is all about: a constant attempt to outdo your competitors….

…[Although] the cynic in me did not buy into the magic and illusions, I did appreciate the experience and admire the showmanship and the work that went into the show. Criss Angel did not take his audience for granted and did his best to deliver the exceptional experience they paid for.