Who are the animals of analytics-based enterprise performance management?

Ever notice how the personalities and dispositions of animals often resemble humans? An organization’s pursuit of adopting analytics-based enterprise performance management involves personalities of all types. How are they like the creatures that populate our planet? A blog is recommended to be less than 500 words, but I violate that suggestion for those readers who want some fun ! Here is a zoology of analogous types of employees that you might recognize.

The Emergence of Business Analysts as Leaders

At a recent conference of the Association for Operations Management (APICS), where I was a presenter, I attended a provocative talk by Alan G. Dunn, president and founder of GDI Consulting and Training Company. He questioned if leaders are born or can be grown. It is the classic “nature versus nurture” debate. It got me to thinking about whether analysts can be more than a support to others. Can they be leaders? I share some of Alan’s thoughts.