Are You Sitting at the Kids’ Table?

Remember those family events where the adults sit at one table and discuss grownup subjects, while the kids sit at another table chatting about entirely different things? This is natural. What interests kids and adults are poles apart and, as anyone with teenage kids knows well, the two groups speak a different language. Attempts to get the two groups to share a conversation often fail.

The Future of Shopping

But one thing that is certain is that no matter which scenario comes to dominate the retail space, change is on the way, and you are going to have to get closer to your customer. You are going to have to know more about them, their changing buying and channel habits, and the type of shopping experience they prefer. Customer analytics will come to drive your business strategy in recognition of the fact that it has always been the consumer that ultimately decides whether that business strategy is a success or a failure.

Collaborative BI

Even in their most optimistic moments, business and IT executives will confess that there are two things that consistently undermine their confidence in their organization’s ability to execute a business strategy: - Not having access to all the relevant facts needed to make the right decision, and - By the time the organization actually can execute that…

A Higher Level of Customer Relationship Management: Building Closer Customer Relationships

Most businesses recognize the importance of creating a quality experience for customers doing business with them.  The thing that many business owners overlook is how their internal workflows and information management systems serve to either support or impede the delivery of a well-rounded positive customer experience.  Growing businesses must adjust their processes and improve their…

Are You Smarter Than Your Sweatshirt?

Product as a service platform.  Design for service, not just for serviceability, not just for manufacturing and maintenance.  It’s the new trend in manufacturing that neatly ties together the product lifecycle with innovation. What is your response to the commodification of your product, to its inevitable journey over the top of the product lifecycle and…