Is Your Performance Management Driven By Strategy?

As more and more companies focus to increase their productivity and the overall performance of their organization, it is important for them to realize that performance management is at the heart of their success. This means ensuring alignment of the entire organization with the strategic objectives of the organization and implementing a strategic performance management system fully…

Leadership Starts With One

Great leaders have inspired millions of people throughout history. Likewise, today’s greatbusiness leaders at all levels motivate employees to transform their enterprises and help them reach new heights of accomplishment. They instill confidence that enables their followers to achieve what others might consider impossible.

Employee Engagement – Don’t Make the Wrong Assumptions

So you selected a vendor and conducted an employee engagement study. You even compared the results to the global benchmark and presented the findings to your CEO and his team.

They were all concerned and reiterated the importance of this program and how critical the well-being of employees is to the future of the organization.

The data was shared with all managers, and guidelines as to how to address the gaps were distributed promptly.

And here you are a year later and nothing changed. Nothing significant, at least. Your CEO is not happy and you are about to venture down the same road again.

Well, stop for a moment.

Ask yourself, what went wrong the first time? Even your employee engagement survey company confirmed you were doing all the right things, so why didn’t the needle move?

Are You an Ethical Presenter? Oh, Really? (#3)

Both EBITDA and Free Cash Flow are metrics that look “better” than their closest GAAP equivalents because they are calculated by adding back certain expenses and expenditures. For that reason, even if CTCT asserts that these are the most appropriate and valid metrics – a highly arguable assertion, but let’s leave that aside for now – presenting those metrics to the complete exclusion of their GAAP equivalents is certain to raise questions in the minds of some in the audience – questions like, “Why don’t they want us to look at the GAAP numbers?” “Are they hiding something?”