Strategy Execution Kaizen

Soccer, the world’s most popular game, is a lot like the world of strategy execution: it’s a complex game where the future possibilities are endless. Proficiency depends not only upon your team’s knowledge and skills, but also on your ability to read the field, make quick decisions and communicate with your teammates.

It’s All About Strategy Execution

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is not a software solution. Instead it describes a management approach that should help organizations to better execute corporate strategy. Gartner initially defined the term as “the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage an enterprise’s business performance.’

Why do We Fear Improvement?

By definition, in order to improve something, a change has to occur. I have benchmarked several companies and it seems that those that do the best with their improvement efforts have a workforce that embraces change. If, on the other hand, there is a culture of fear and the workers are terrified to try something different, nothing will improve.