The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies- 32: Gogo

Every time someone on Twitter brags, “I’m on a plane!” a Gogo engineer’s ears pop. The Illinois startup commands the market for in-flight Wi-Fi: It now serves more than 1,300 commercial flights and controls 85% of Wi-Fi-equipped planes. In the first nine months of 2011, Gogo reported $113.8 million in revenue, and the company is now taxiing to a 2012 IPO. It will use the funds to upgrade its network and in-flight platforms.

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies- 34: Chipotle

Mark Crumpacker stared at the job description with disbelief. “A headhunter looking to fill a CMO position for another major fast-food brand got in touch with me,” says Chipotle’s chief marketing officer. “The description was really bizarre. The head marketing person runs the culinary team and is responsible for the whole menu!” It’s the food-marketing chain gone haywire, Crumpacker explains.

Meet The 23 Richest Politicians In The World

No one goes into politics to get rich, but politicians happen to be some of the wealthiest figures around the globe.

German newspaper Die Welt’s World’s Luxury Guide section recently released a list of the world’s richest politicians, and from local officials and members of Congress to foreign ministers and royal heirs, the list includes newcomers and regulars alike.